"Where's the RM review?"

Remember in December 2022, right...

Better Late Than Never

Hey everyone!

I hope you're all doing well today. My dog is being a bit nosy in the background, so please excuse any barking you might hear. With all honesty, I began this right on the day this dropped buuuuut the never-ending struggle of being a one-woman podcast (and this has recently changed! Jump to that news.) means y’all have been waiting for the commentary on RM's first solo album, "Indigo".

For those who don't know, RM is a South Korean rapper, record producer, singer, and songwriter, and a member of the popular K-pop group BTS. He's released solo mixtapes before, but "Indigo" is his formal introduction as a solo artist with a full body of work.

This album is a reflection of a decade of RM's life, both publicly and privately. It's a highly anticipated body of work in South Korea and in music in general. The album features collaborations with various producers and artists, and it's been praised for its introspective lyrics and unique sound.

Courtesy of BIGHIT

I'm looking forward to finally... FINALLY... releasing my super late reflection for your entertainment. Patrons first, then err’body, this week.

A3Day Support Team

How many times have you heard me talk about wanting NEEDING help with pushing the podcast ahead someday? That day has finally arrived! I am working on Seasons 7 and 8 with the support of three talented people who I’ll be introducing publicly in the first episode of the upcoming season. We’re still closing up ATEEZ’s discography in Season 6 so the days of odd audio and whatnot are coming to a swift close. You’ve endured so much, listeners!

“Stop him. STOP HIM!" EXO Kai’s 2023 Comeback

There’s some things that are strong enough to make me come out of music video reaction retirement and I’ve genuinely avoided watching this video today so that I DON’T over-react. HA HA, KAI, you thought you could get me! (Grins while weeping)

Please anticipate extended commentary about this latest comeback on my blog. It’s a little dusty over there but I’m brushing it off.

Catch you later, listeners!