Oh snap, an A3Day email?!

Where I've been and omgosh DEAN!

Mac, the koala mascot, sits at a student's desk before the logos of podcasts "An Album a Day" and "A3Day Sister Show." To the right of Mac, it reads, "A 3 Day Podcast Newsletter."

Hey y'all,

Let’ get straight to the point.

I’m on my way back.

Got some news for you below, but specifics on the return will come later. For now, keep it a secret! If you MUST say something, just post a koala on Facebook or Instagram and tag me lol.

See you soon… bye y’all.

Where I’ve Been

Sine announcing my hiatus summer 2023, I spent months believing I’d have no way back into the world of K-pop. Luckily, new listeners found me by way of ballad group 2AM and kept the show relevant.

I’ve kept busy and amazed while away. Graduate school? Well… let’s say I’m on track to graduate in October of this year. I hope ~nervous giggle.~ Nonetheless, here are some things that happened.

  • A3Day became a finalist for the 2024 Sonic Bloom Awards

  • we saw the closing of KPSN and the KPSN Podcast Fest. It was a bittersweet moment and I’m grateful for the memories

  • I entered a city-wide business pitch competition and won!

  • I’ve been in a couple digital magazine interviews and kicked off an interview with my longtime friends at Kcrush America

  • I became a Verizon Digital Ready certified mentor, and have a couple other things down the pipeline (more info further down)

I made my first podcast appearance since then this past January with the team at Kpopcast that you can check out below. Never mind that microphone quality, I promise crispness upon my return lol. I was rusty!

DEAN?!?!? Said like BEYONCE?!?!

Last year, I participated as press for the inaugural We Bridge Expo event and will likely return this year. That’s why the screaming, crying, and throwing up I did while running errands with my husband the other day was a BIG deal because of this Instagram post.

I SQUAKED-screamed, like a wild animal alerting others of profound anger. I couldn’t get it together for a few minutes lol! Will you be in attendance? For more information, visit the We Bridge website.

Weekends Are For Wine Newsletter

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