No Episodes? What's going onnnnn...

Plus a treat for K-cinema fans in Los Angeles

Mac, the koala mascot, sits at a student's desk before the logos of podcasts "An Album a Day" and "A3Day Sister Show." To the right of Mac, it reads, "A 3 Day Podcast Newsletter."

*Cracks knuckles* Yeah, okay, so boom.

Hey y'all,

For the LIFE of me, I cannot get a recording of an episode complete. I'm exactly three weeks behind on podcast content and it's frustrating. I don't like having my momentum compromised!

As my workspaces (...yes, plural) continue to be compromised for the next few weeks, I'll at least share some other cool things with you. Patrons got the full breakdown last week so if you'd like to learn more about what's in store, then consider becoming a member.

On with the news you can use!

A3Day is Entering The Ambies®

This week, both of my podcasts will be entered for nomination consideration in the 2023 Ambies. This would be the first major recognition for my work in an award setting, so I'm very excited!

Learn more about the categories and award below.

Save Money on Merch

As new merchandise designs drop over the next few days, this new feature will make active promo codes in the A3Day Shop (coming back soon!) visible to all fans viewing products. The banner will only be on when promotions are running so be sure to check it out once the store re-launches.

The CEO of CJ ENM?!?

The Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles (KCCLA) cordially invites fans to the K-Cinema and Entertainment Symposium: A Conversation with CEO CJ ENM Angela Killoren and Producer & Actor Jong Man Kim.

Date: OCT. 20, 2022 (Thursday) 6PM Pacific

Location: KCCLA (Ari Hall) 5505 Wilshire Blvd., 3rd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Learn more and RSVP at the link below.