August Belongs to the Ladies!

See the long list of comebacks

August Belongs to the Ladies!

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Hey y'all,

We're just over two weeks into the month of August and it continues to be a Girl Powered experience around the K-pop scene. Popular fan site KPOP OFFICIAL has a full listing of all the scheduled comebacks for this month and it is overwhelming! U.S. Blinks will be extra excited for this month too, as the ladies of BLACKPINK announced their scheduled performance for the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). Which comeback(s) are you looking forward to?

See more news this week below. Bye y'all!

A Scandal Years in the Making

One of the most unexpected shocks in South Korean entertainment was the recent immediate end of popular show Yoo Hee-Yeol's Sketchbook. Widely respected as a place to see live performances and enjoy introspective interviews, there wasn't half as much buzz about the show's demise amongst North American netizens.

Luckily, a retrospective was recently created by Derek of DareDB that I believe is worth your time.

Upcoming Commentary: Girls' Generation "Forever 1" (2022)

Later this week, I'll share my review of SNSD's latest album on the A3Day Blog. If you're not following it, or didn't realize that there is a blog, then make sure to not lose the link below!